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①Masking tape in the automobile,the furniture,the aviation painting and so on

②Masking tape in the electron,the electrical appliances fixedly and so on

③Masking tape in repairing the localiztion fixedly,the shoemaking fixedly and so on

Masking tape is a kind of selfadhesice type tape with creping paper through Resin imporegnation as backing material.

Chareacteristics: especially compositive soliditying adhesice has good dis-solvent resistant and high temperature resistand but not any adhesive mark.

Suitable for surface protection during painting and spray process for decoration and construction of building,stationery and automobile industrial, also for sealing and packaging,fixation of electronic component and conducting wire.

 The masking tape's using manual

1.This product is using in decoration and auto painting protection,using temperature must be less or up to 80degree(noe hour).
2. Please keep the product dry and ventilation,and keep sunless.
3.When using the masking tape,the surface which needs to be cleans no oiliness,no dust and dry.
4. When using the masking tape,if the weather changed,the masking tape maybe not feels very viscosity,then you must ppress it harder with strenuous.
5.Moving the masking tape,please not too fast,otherwise it will make the glue removal or make the tape disconnection.
6. The changing weather will affect the using of the masking tape,so you need to use it in3 months.