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Beautiful paper big event
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  Textured paper, commonly known as sub colored paper, widely used in automotive paint, decoration etc.. Now the need for the United States is more and more widely, the data show that in 2016, the demand for the U.S. paper is 2 times last year, from this data can be clearly seen in the continuous development of the u.s..

  Textured paper tape is a kind of corrugated paper as the base material, and coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive, which has the protection, fixation, heat and other characteristics, can be used for painting, decoration and electronic industries, etc.. For this type of tape, according to different customer needs, customize the different styles. This type of adhesive tape is easy to tear off and does not leave a residue. Can be widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, electronics, automotive, electroplating, footwear, packaging, furniture and other industries, such as paint masking, links, fixed and so on.

  Common textured paper has the following several types: high temperature textured paper tape, resistance to high temperature textured paper tape, normal temperature textured paper tape, in temperature textured paper tape, decorative textured paper tape, textured paper tape, colored masking tape, composite textured paper tape and spray tape etc.. It is precisely because of the sticky paper adhesive tape, and good temperature resistance, so used to paste a variety of items will not be residual adhesive residue. In normal condition, this kind of adhesive tape used for civilian commercial building adornment to decorate, paint, spray paint, color, paint masking and electronic industry. At the same time, it can also be used in some special industries. Such as: can be used with kraft paper tape, can also be used in conjunction with paint spray paint or other ordinary paint. In addition, in some precision electroplating parts can also be used for the cover of the plating part, so that the overall metal parts aesthetic sense is not damaged.