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The understanding and use of the paper
Time:2016-07-19 Click:

  The beauty of the paper is not valued at all, but to say that the importance of the paper, if there is a pair of the United States to understand the seam or do have a very deep experience. Come, we go to the United States together. The paper is based on the paper and pressure sensitive adhesive as the main raw material, the paper is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, and the other side coated with adhesive tape made of adhesive tape. High temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, easy tear, soft paste and re tear residue characteristics.

  Textured paper as the United States joint construction one of the tools, did not get recognized by the majority of users, but a dispensable tool, at the time of construction, do not pay attention to the user will not use the.

  Beautiful pattern paper is used in the fight before the United States, is to prevent the use of the surface of the ceramic tile adhesive in a timely removal of the problem is not easy to get rid of the problem. The following small series on the summary of your home to the United States do not need to do the United States and the United States paper.

  First of all, we should know that it is need according to the home tile types to decide to use textured paper, if your home is relatively smooth ceramic tile (on behalf of polishing brick) so don't will not cause much trouble, because beauty to seam an agent solidified before a long time to clean the tile and the United States joint agent prior to solidification is very good removal.

  But if the home ground is with dark stripes tiles (on behalf of: antique brick) so Xiaobian advise you must with textured paper, why? Because a lot of dark pits or dark lines in the tile, Mei Tu joint agent when the overflow of the excess material is easy to penetrate the dark pit or dark lines, not with a shovel eradication, even eradicated will hurt the tile surface, finally have not lost taste, so be sure to use textured paper.

  Secondly, whether the use of textured paper also according to find beauty professional construction team construction joints, or their own DIY, if it is professional, it's easy, from construction to decide, if you are a DIY, small series or that sentence, be sure to textured paper, clean up party, lest injure tile ah.