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The important role of the United States paper in the automotive industry
Time:2016-08-25 Click:

  Textured paper, 0.15 mm imported white paper substrate, one side coated with weather resistant rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. With the high temperature (temperature of up to 110 degrees C), the solvent, and then stripping without residual gel performance is excellent, the product conforms to the ROHS environmental protection requirements. Good viscosity, using stripping residual glue, CTI certification. By the industry as a paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape. High temperature coatings for automotive, steel or plastic components furniture surface paint masking, but also apply to electronics, electrical appliances, pressure sensitive resistance, circuit boards and other industries.

  In the process of automotive beauty polishing grinding is one of the methods. Polishing can be aging paint film of grinding out so that a new film produced bright recovery. Grinding action:

  1. eliminate the dirt on the surface, eliminate severe oxidation and micro shallow scratches.

  2. to reduce the loss of light, acid rain and other surface appearance defects.

  3. provide a good base for the polishing request.

  Before the car to do the grinding, the United States will be resistant to high temperature of the United States lines for spray paint and grinding design of the body size of the gap to cover up.

  first, in order to prevent the abrasive powder produced in the grinding process of adhesion in the gap, the impact of beautiful; 

     Second, Is resistant to high temperature of the United States and the paper compared to ordinary. Jialian textured paper has stronger resistance to high temperature, not because the grinding temperature changes in the level of the melt glue adhesion in the paint and paint damage.。