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How to use the United States pattern paper?
Time:2016-06-05 Click:

  Beautiful pattern paper is also known as the United States paper tape, decoration, painting and other work can be used to it. But how to use the United States pattern paper, many people do not understand.

  What is beautiful pattern paper

  The main raw material of the United States is the paper and the pressure sensitive adhesive, the paper side of the paper is a pressure sensitive adhesive, and the other side is the adhesive material. Textured paper with high temperature tolerance in 80 ~ 180 degrees), soft and easy to stick and tear in addition to the residue, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics, spray paint in the interior decoration, furniture, vehicles, electroplating, electronic components spraying processing in the field are often used to this kind of textured paper.

  How to use the United States pattern paper

  The usage is very simple, in fact, it is very similar to the use of the two sides of the paper in our life is very similar to the two sides of the plastic, generally for the beige, but also green, blue, red, the United States paper. When in use, only need the textured paper paste in the need to cover the place where you can until spray paint or brushing paint will be textured paper torn can, the whole process is very simple to use, both to make the spraying work to achieve the perfect, and can very good protection needs partial occlusion and is very convenient to use.

  Introduction to the paper classification

  According to different standards, the paper also has a different classification of the United states. Viscosity can be divided into low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. According to the temperature to divide, then it can be divided into high temperature, moderate temperature. Different types of paper have different purposes, the user can choose according to their own situation.