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A simple description of the production process of the United States paper
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  Textured paper generally on the basis of the textured base paper (here refers to not impregnated with textured paper again after dip coating, anti adhesion treatment.

  The whole process includes three processes: production, processing and dip coating anti sticking crepe paper. And for manufacturers of masking tape, which hopes to use after more than three process of textured paper, without the need to self impregnated, coated anti sticking layer, but the market more common is textured base paper, imported products more is textured base paper.

        Cause of this phenomenon is due to the large number of textured paper use, difficult to specialization, only the user according to the use requirements of their own after processing the, but this will undoubtedly to the use of textured paper manufacturers brought many difficulties. In this regard, we have experience greatly.