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What is the use of the United States paper tape?
Time:2016-08-25 Click:

  Textured paper tape, in the industry commonly known as textured paper pressure-sensitive adhesive belt, it is a kind of environmental friendly material, low residue of single-sided adhesive has good high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high viscosity focus, soft paste and tore the without leaving adhesive residue and other characteristics. Textured paper tape for most of the smooth surface, has a good adhesion and shelter, so it is in a variety of high-end places or home decoration play a convenient, fast and beautiful role. So do you know how to use the paper tape?

  Method for the use of textured paper tape:

  Masking tape is used is very simple, when in use, only needs to be textured paper tape gently stick in part to be masked by covering the adhesive and after use tear directly under.

  Use matters needing attention:

  1、the use of the United States paper tape, the sticky material should be kept dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesive tape and effect.

  2、the use of a certain force can be applied, so that the United States paper tape and a good combination of sticky material.

  3、in the use of masking tape, pay attention to a certain degree of tension, don't let the textured paper tape winding. Because if the United States does not have a certain pattern of paper tape tension, easy to paste.

  4、the use of the United States should not be used to the United States and the paper tape arbitrary combination. Because each type of embossed paper tape is not the same characteristics, there will be a lot of failure to be expected after the mixed use.

  5、different environment and different things, the same tape will show different results, so if it is a need for a large number of use, before use, please try.

  6、after the use of the completion of the United States should be as soon as possible to peel the paper tape, so as to avoid the phenomenon of residual rubber.