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The principle and purpose of masking tape
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The paper is a kind of high-tech decoration, spraying paper (due to its use of special properties, also known as ribbon paper), widely used in interior decoration, household appliances and luxury car spray painting. The dichroic effect boundaries clear, clear, and both the artistic effects of the arc, to be decorated, spraying industry brought a new technological revolution, the industry coruscate gives new vitality. At present, textured paper base paper production in China is still blank, base paper used in domestic are imported from the United States, Canada, Italy.

For capacitor electronic components, strip packaging.
Used in conjunction with kraft paper; suitable for use on the edge of paint or other common paints.
Used for precise plating of plating parts without plating parts.

Why can the United States paper paper sticky stuff? Of course, it is because the surface is coated with a layer of adhesive! The earliest of the adhesive from animals and plants, in the nineteenth century, the rubber is the main component of adhesive; but in modern time it widely application of various polymers. Adhesive to stick things is because of the formation of bonding the molecular and attempt to connect items intermolecular. Click on the node to molecular firmly bonded together. The adhesive composition, according to different brands, different, there are different kinds of polymers.
BOPP tape: BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) tape is any enterprise, company, individual life indispensable activities, the state of BOPP tape industry haven't a perfect standard, only a standard in the industry the QB / T 2422-1998 sealing with BOPP adhesive zone ".
BOPP tape is on the basis of the BOPP original film after the high-voltage corona after the surface of the surface of the surface after the rough coated with glue into small volume is our daily use of BOPP tape. BOPP tape glue is acrylic glue, also called pressure sensitive adhesive, the main ingredient is fat tincture. Tincture fat is a polymer material, the temperature has a certain effect on the molecular activity. Glue tincture fat content directly affects the use of textured paper. Normal sealing masking tape initial adhesion between is equal to or more than 13 (ball), the thickness of the textured paper glue generally 22 micron. Is in line with the thickness of the standard.
Tape according to its efficacy can be: high temperature adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, insulation tape, special textured paper pressure-sensitive textured paper, die tape, anti static tape, anti static warning tape, different effects for different needs of the industry.