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The anatomy of the wall tear masking tape off paint small trick
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The following is the solution to these problems:

       How to tear up the wall masking tape is pulled out of the paint, textured paper tape to make it absolutely straight. Despite many technology and skill of decoration work, but will be textured paper tape to straighten the cling to walls, is a clever at, here very enjoyable. From a roll of masking tape head to 8 to 10 inches, a hand pulled textured paper tape reel tightly along the wall and the adhesive tape is straightened. Just beginning may feel a little awkward, looks likely to be slow, but the results are almost perfect every time. You can do this from one angle to the other.
Tear the small tip of the paper tape
       There are several things that may go wrong when you remove / tear the paper tape. If the waiting time is too long, the adhesive on the paper tape of the United States, will make the adhesive residue on the wooden products. Or if the paint has been good, but not completely dry, some of the wall paint may be along with the United States and the paper tape stripping.
       If you are a drag or "slow" painter, choose those designs that are sticky, and keep it for a couple of days. Scotch 2090 use of chronic adhesive, can be about 14 days or so with the adhesion of things safely away.
       In order to avoid peeling paint, should immediately tear tape or paint to wait at least overnight completely dry. Be careful the paint feels dry but still not completely hardened and adhered to the wall, and it may fall off with the peeling off of the paper tape of the United States.
       Try to make the tape and the wall is 45 degrees angle way to tear tape, reduce paint peeling may. If you hate waiting for a again in the evening open textured paper, before you open textured paper first with your putty knife or other useful knife to slash open textured paper and wall junction.
      In fact masking tape is to play a masking effect, such as in the spray paint when you don't want to have a place to jet to, then you can be in this place sticky textured paper tape so that it can be bold display, even if the brush to the masking tape does not matter.