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High temperature textured paper tape can be 260 degrees?
Time:2016-08-16 Click:
Is the paper tape of the United States to be able to bear the temperature of 260 degrees? With this issue we discuss:

    Paper high temperature resistant adhesive tape with good tensile strength, high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, characteristics: high profile paper for the substrate, there is an excellent viscosity. Resistance to solvents, such as non gel, and other characteristics, such as temperature, degree, and so on a variety of different levels of temperature requirements of the product. Can be based on customer requirements for different temperatures to select different types of adhesive tape. Width length can be selected according to your different needs. Paint, uses: mainly used for paint. Sealing, footwear, fixed packaging, construction and decoration industries and plastics, metal pieces, such as high-temperature paint spraying cover maintenance. Composite red and white masking tape high temperature resistant, for when spraying under high temperature shielding maintenance. Material: pet fit textured paper. Adhesive: silicone rubber. Viscous thickness 0.23mm. better. Solvent, adhere to the strong force, no residue, resistant temperature of 260 degrees 30 minutes no residue, generally used for paint protection!

    So, the United States paper tape is able to withstand temperature of 260 degrees, can be used as high temperature paint protection, marking, etc.!