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How to identify the paper tape
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Masking tape main use: suitable for all kinds of decoration industry, electronic industry, footwear industry, tape and other purposes, with good covering and protection Play a very good role in all kinds of positioning and packaging. Good protective properties of the adhesive.

The paper tape of the United States is classified: high temperature textured paper tape, PET composite textured paper tape, plain paper tape, ambient temperature and the United States paper tape color paper tape high temperature and high temperature.

Properties / use
1、At the beginning of adhesion, no residue, suitable for spraying, baking tre coated textured paper tape with shield or electronics industry.
2、flexibility, tear resistance, oil resistance, very suitable for wet areas, to prevent the role of paint peeling.
3、good adhesion, high temperature resistance, suitable for the PC board spray tin process to protect the finger, do not leak anchor, no residue.
With high level masking paper as base material, with high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, not excessive glue and other features, mainly used for spray paint, paint, PC board, circuit board, circuit board dip tin, soldering capacitance braiding, coil, transformer and so on.
You can first use the lighter roast for 1 to 2 seconds, and then touch. If the common touch, glue will stick to the hands, high temperature is not. Masking tape is to import the textured base paper and pressure sensitive adhesive (or other glue) as raw material to produce, in textured paper coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, on the other side is coated with nonstick material made of roll type adhesive belt. High temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high viscosity, soft output paste and re tear residue characteristics. The industry known as textured paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

The main use of the United States paper tape: the normal temperature of the United States and paper tape: furniture, interior decoration, spray paint to hide, simple dressing, packaging, etc.;
Medium temperature textured paper tape: automotive paint, paint coating covering hide;
High temperature textured paper tape, high temperature paint, high temperature paint, tin furnace, electronic industry etc..
High temperature masking tape: high temperature resistance, used for the production of capacitors, fixed and spray masking, automobile paint etc..